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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Ninja Scroll TV

I'm not a big fan of Kawajiri (except for the excellent X TV). But he never lets us down in the action department. Ninja Scroll the movie was exciting enough just for the sake of seeing fast ninja action and startling scenes of blood gushing everywhere. This tv series lives up to the movie in that respect. If you want some gruesome action, here it is. But the character designs are not my cup of tea, which is why I don't like Kawajiri in the first place. Everyone is sooooo ugly! The baddies especially suffer from cartoony ugliness. I like my characters to have a bit more class. Unfortunately, even Jubei is not as cool looking as he was in the movie, nor are his punchlines as funny. Oh well, I still can't help tuning in to this show just for a quick dose of all out raunchy ninja fights. The action scenes are smooth and creative. The show is worth it just for that. And up to episode 3, it seems to be getting better.

Update: Finished the series. Highly recommended for action buffs only.


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