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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Kenran Butoh Sai: The Mars Daybreak

Episode 4

This is my favorite sci-fi mecha show this season. Thank God, because there's not much else out there in the mecha department. There's space pirates in a submarine, many colorful characters, space dolphins, talking cats and tons of cool mecha fighting it out all over the place. Surpringly, this show is told very much like the classic Tomino robot shows, such as Brainpowerd, Gundam and King Gainer. You could almost see that the young crew working on this show must have worked on Tomino's shows in the past, the similarities are everywhere in the story telling.

I expect a really good mecha show from Bones, especially after the amazing Rahxephon. But they really let me down with their recent kiddie shows like Full Metal Alchemist. And Wolf's Rain did not have the punch I expected either. So lets see if they get it together in the story department on this one. After all, its the story that counts. But so far they are combining very fresh energetic characters ( a la Scrapped Princess and Full Metal Alchemist), and lots of action. So I am loving it.

Update: After finishing the series, or to be more accurate, slogging through the mud to finish it, I have to say that it did not live up to my expectations.  The animation and story is stale after the opening with nothing much to recommend it.    


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