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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Evangelion Girlfriend of Steel PC Game

I was able to play this game on my PC pretty easily.  I hesitate to actually call it a game, because there is not much game play.  You basically follow the story and it is pretty hard to screw things up.  The three endings are also pretty easy to access.  As a game, it's not very good, but as a follow up to the Evangelion television, it's actually pretty entertaining and features an interesting new character that fits into the story line.  Think of it as an un-aired episode. And since it has actually been fansubbed by fans, although it is not the greatest game, it is a good opportunity to try one of these anime sims that have not made it to our shores. There is also a sequel game called Evangelion Iron Maiden 2nd (same as the Manga called Angelic Days in English) but does not feature the same story line and characters. Since I heard it is awful I am not even gonna try it.

Girlfriend of Steel for PSX

A new character joins the gang

There is actually a lot of action .... though not animated.

Three different endings


Iron Maiden 2nd (PSX)


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