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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Planet ES

Episode 9

This show is great! It's basically about garbage men in space. The characters all have a lot of personality. Each episode has a tight little story. Some are funny, and some are sweet. But you have to root for the junk squad.
There's this one hilarious episode where they bump into a bunch of homeless guys who dress up as colorful ninjas and fly all over the place on some planet. Hilarious!
This is not a typical show at all, but seems to be commenting on society and life.
In any case, it's excellent. The space designs are detailed and realistic and the characters are mature and well developed. Not one of those flashy kiddy shows, but not a boring, weird show either.

It has good stuff for fans of Cowboy Bebop who need a solid sci-fi anime to round out their day. The design also reminds me a lot of Katsuhiro Otomo's Memories (the Madam Butterfly section).

Update: Finished the series.  Highly recommended for all the above-mentioned reasons. Very brainy, well thought-out and well-executed anime.


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